Gwynedd Schools are responsible for 25% of the Council's carbon emissions. This is as a result of the electricity and fuel used to power and heat the Schools. 

Last year, Gwynedd Schools were responsible for emitting 5,864 tonnes of Co2 to the atmosphere. This is enough to fill 5,864 hot air balloons or 35,184 double decker buses! It is therefore essential that we try our best to ensure that energy is not wasted in our Schools.

To eliminate energy waste, it is important that we follow the process below. Click on the links for further information:

  • Monitoring - we need to know how much energy is used at our School. If we do not know how much we are using, and when, then we cannot measure how much is being wasted. 
  • Auditing - we must conduct an energy audit in order have a better understanding of the energy used at our School
  • Taking Action - this is where we try and save energy. When we are auditing, we have the opportunity to identify energy saving areas.

Further details and resources are available by following the links below:  


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