Who's Responsibility is it to Save Energy?

Every one of us is responsible for saving energy in the School. We all use the school's electrical equipment and therefore it is our responsibility to turn them off after we have finished using them. Pupils and teachers often believe that this is the Caretaker's responsibility, and that the Caretaker will walk around the school at the end of the day to turn off all the equipment and lights.

This is not true - the Caretaker does not have the time to turn off all of the equipment in the school! There are around 200 computers at some Secondary Schools - more in some!

It is important that EVERYONE remembers to turn off the computer that they have been using. 

Therefore, it is everyone's responsibility to switch off the equipment that he or she uses.

Often, the Caretaker is responsible for the heating controls - so if there are any issues with areas of the school overheating or being too cold, ensure that the Caretaker is informed.


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