Why 'Save Energy'?

1. To reduce our carbon footprint

When we use electricity, gas and oil, we release Co2 to the atmosphere, which speeds up climate change. It is therefore important to do all that we can to protect our earth, our animals and our flora and fauna.

2. Our fossil fuels are running out - we need to make them last longer

It has taken millions of years to create fossil fuels and as we are using so much today, it is not possible to create more without having to wait millions of years again! Therefore, once our fossil fuels have run out, we will have to use different methods to create electricity, to warm our homes, and to drive our cars.

The more fuel that we use today, the quicker they will run out! Therefore by using energy carefully, we can try and make the fossil fuels that we have last longer. 

We only have around 40 years' supply of oil left (including petrol and diesel for our vehicles!); around 65 years' gas supply; and around 200 years' supply of coal left. 

3. Save Money!

We have to pay for each unit of energy that we use. 

Therefore, if we waste energy by leaving equipment on when we don't need them, we will still have to pay for the energy that is used! 

Energy costs increase every year, so even if we use exactly the same amount of energy this year as the previous year, it is likely to cost more. 

The money that is spent on wasted energy is money that could be spent on other things, of course.


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