How Can We Save Energy at School?                                                  

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There are many things we can do to save energy at School. 

Many of these are little actions, that may seem to be insignificant. However, these small actions to save energy add up to significant savings in the long term.


Turn off equipment after using them:

This would include computers, computer screens, laptops, lights, printers, photocopiers etc. If no one is using them - turn them off!

Remember to turn off in the correct way - for example 'start' and 'shut down' for computers, switch projectors onto stand-by as the fan needs to stay on to cool the bulb etc (although they can be turned off completely after this for example at the end of the day, over weekends and school holidays). 


Keeping warm:

There are many things we can do to keep the heat in our schools during the heating period. For example, if the heating is on, keep doors and windows closed. If it overheats, ask someone to turn the heating down rather than opening windows!

Another way to try and keep warm is to wear clothes to suit the weather. If it's cold - wear a jumper! 


Turn lights off:

Remember to turn off the lights when leaving a room, even if it's for a short period. Turn off the lights also if there is enough nautral daylight.

We need to be careful with regards to turning off corridor lights as these are busy areas, and there may not be a light switch within reach when someone enters the corridor from all access points. In some instances, it would be safer to leave the corridor lights on until most people have left for the day. 

Schools are open for 39 weeks of the year. This means that they are closed fod 13 weeks, or may be used by some staff only, or for some activities in some parts of the school only, during these periods. This means that most equipment can be turned off for up to 13 weeks of the year, and it is very important that we remember to do this.

Use the following resources to help find out where energy is being wasted at your school: 

Energy Detectives 

Energy Audit

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