Monitoring and Targeting

Gwynedd Council is using a method called 'Monitoring and Targeting' to reduce energy consumption. 

This means that the energy consumption of buildings is closely monitored - every half-hour for some buildings. Our Energy Conservation Officers use this information to find out if there is any irregular energy use, for example during the night, or if the buildings' energy use increases significantly. 

When the energy use of a building increases, this will be investigate, to find out if there is a valid reason for this increase.

Most of the time, there will be a reason for an increase in consumption (e.g. the building may be open for longer hours, or there may be new additional equipment). However, if there is no valid reason why the consumption has increased, then it may be possible that some equipment is broken and not running correctly, or controls may need to be re-set. The Energy Conservation Officers will be focusing on the buildings with irregular energy use, in order to reduce energy wastedm and the energy bills as a results! 

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